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Aymen El Jed


Aymen El Jed, a Mediterranean born designer, completed his bachelor degree Interior Design, specializing in space planning and design development.

Prior to starting his own firm, Aymen worked in a high-end developing company based in Los Angeles, gaining an insider’s view into the process of creating custom spaces from the ground up. He later earned a diploma in Construction Management from the University of Los Angeles California, gaining knowledge in construction management and bidding process.

Aymen looks at every project in a global sense, from the broad picture to the smallest element. A natural problem-solver, he believes that any design should be underpinned by the very best technical know-how.

As a Designer and owner of AE Design Studio, Aymen works on drafting plans, sourcing products, communicating with clients, and helping to keep projects running smoothly.

Aymen stays energized for the demands of client projects with early morning gym sessions and running.

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